- The DevOps Factory

Mission is a powerful network of talented software developers.

Our main goal is to know the best people and the most exciting projects to establish the most productive relationship between customers and developers.

The Main Services


Prepare our team for the new technologies and methods.

Already prepared are Kubernetes, Terraform, Agility for the management, Angular and more.


What is the best practice for terraforming some services, for setting up the K8s deployments, for unit testing and much more.

We love to learn and to teach every day.

Getting stuff done

…is our main focus. Done means done in production, no tech debts and leaving more space for future improvements instead of deteriorating the project.

The Core Team

Michael H. Vogt

Founder, Coach, Fullstack

is coding since he was 12 and was influenced by the famous AI movie „War Games“ from 1983. After spending so many years in coding it was time to become a teacher and help talents into becoming professionals. Personally he is interested most in good software practice in terms of software patterns, modern DevOps approaches and Artificial Intelligence.

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Dr. Philipp Matzel

Angular & Fullstack

became a Javascript/Postgres expert after his science career at the University of Greifswald. His current main topic is the migration of AngularJS apps into more modern approaches. Enjoys the baltic sea on windy days for Kite Surfing.

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Pascal Helbig

React, Gatsby, Fullstack

is a Full Stack Developer. He studied Computer Science (B.Sc. & M.Sc.) in Berlin. Already during his studies, he worked for several companies as a software developer in the field of web development.

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The DevOps Factory

Roadmap to get a highly efficient software factory

Managing software projects is much like managing production lines in factories. Reading books like „The Phoenix Project“ make skies clear again.

To get any evolution in managing software development you need to make stuff visible first. All team members are working together on a board on which the current status of the factory is visible. In factories, you can just look out the ample hall to see intermediate artefacts moving from crude materials into the products you sell. In software development we must be clear what the final product is: „Software running in production“ and not something like „Software developed“.

We want to guide our customers towards highly efficient software factories instead of having too many people doing unproductive work. Teams love to perform and want to show how much they got done!

  •     Plan
  •     Build
  •     Run

Our Stack



.NET - C# - F# - VB - Scala - Java - Go - JavaScript - TypeScript - Python



Node.js - Spring Boot - dotnetcore



HTML - CSS - React - Angular - Vue



Postgres - Azure Cosmos - MS SQL - MySQL - Linux Time-Series

Docker & Kubernetes

Docker & Kubernetes

Containerize - Versioning - Scaling - Organising Containers



Infrastructure as Code - MS Azure - Google Cloud - Amazon Web Service - Salesforce - Heroku - On Premise

IoT & Eventing

IoT & Eventing

MQTT - VerneMQ - RabbitMQ - Apache Kafka

If you want to see what else we do, visit our blog.