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How to Connect Gatsby and

Written by Pascal Helbig -

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At we were looking for a solution to link our blog with We want to publish our blog posts simultaneously on our website and on

My initial idea was to use a Gatsby plugin. In fact there is a plugin that allows you to integrate posts as source in Gatsby: But this plugin was out of question for us for two reasons. Firstly, only one account can be specified in this plugin. But we are several people, each with an own account, posting on our blog. On the other hand we want to own our blog posts ourselves. We feel is very trustworthy at the moment, but if is switched off overnight, we might not be able to get our articles back that easily.

Therefore we have decided to go the opposite way. Instead of writing our articles on, we publish them first on our own blog. Then we automatically publish them via RSS on With the Gatsby plugin gatsby-plugin-feed we created a separate RSS feed for each team member. Afterwards we added in the settings in each account the corresponding RSS feed, as you can see in the screenshot:

Settings to publish post in from RSS feed

If we now publish a new post on our website, it will automatically be created as a draft on